Brendan Dougherty, Aaron Meicht and Matt Mitchell are Feigner. The group is the result of a collaboration of musicians interested in the creation of large-scale forms through electro-acoustic improvisation. The group was founded Philadelphia in 2001 by members of two of the areas most prolific improvising groups: The Meicht Group and Kaktus. Our work has embraced the jazz origins implicit in this process as well as what some call sound-based composition, drawing from late-twentieth-century European music and the American experimental impulse that confronts and interrogates convention.

The variety of sounds available with the electronic and acoustic sound sources has necessitated clarity of presentation. The ambiguity felt when noises are considered part of the spectrum of sound at a musician's disposal creates a challenge for the musician and audience to grasp the music. The complexity of electro-acoustic and computer music lends itself well to this conundrum of noise and sound--when the common vocabulary of a musical language is hardly established there is much to explore.

Brendan Dougherty - electronics
Aaron Meicht - electronics
Matt Mitchell - electronics

recorded by Meicht in Philadelphia, PA 5 June 2004; mixed by Meicht & Mitchell in New York, NY July 2005

1 tracks - 47:07

SCR 53410 (2006)


1. Laughter only feigned reproach 47:07

Dougherty Meicht Mitchell
Brendan Dougherty - drums, electronics
Aaron Meicht - trumpet, electronics
Matt Mitchell - piano, electronics

recorded by George Whittam of ElDorado Recording Services at Connelly Lecture Hall, Philadelphia, PA 15 Oct 2002; mixed in Philadelphia, PA by Meicht & Mitchell

1 tracks - 56:27

SCR 53407 (2002)
1. Feigner 56:27